Career Outcomes Annual Report FY18

FY 2018

The annual report provides the first destination on the status of August ’17, December ’17, and May ’18 graduates.

The classification of graduates used in this report is as follows:

  • Employed Full Time-Graduates who are employed 30+ hours per week
  • Employed Part Time-Graduates who are employed less than 30 hours per week
  • Volunteer Service-Graduates who are participating in a volunteer or service program (e.g. Peace Corps, mission work)
  • Military Service-Graduates serving in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Continuing Education-Graduates who have been accepted to and plan to matriculate into a program of further study. This includes graduate school or other specialized training.
  • Seeking Employment-Graduates who have indicated that they are seeking employment or engaged in the job-search process.
  • Seeking Continuing Education-Graduates who have indicated that they are seeking and have not yet enrolled in a program of continuing education.
  • Not Seeking-Graduates not seeking employment or continuing education at this time.
  • No Response-Graduates who, despite reasonable efforts on the part of the institution, have not responded to efforts to obtain information about their post-graduation career plans.


Employed Full-Time 491
Employed Part -Time 74
Continuing Education 366
Volunteer Service 21
Military Service 18
Seeking Employment 91
Seeking Continuing Education 68
Do not plan to seek employment or additional education at this time 18
No Information 5
Knowledge Rate 99.57%

**Information for this report is obtained through self-declaration of graduates at the graduation fair, records from National Student Clearinghouse, follow-up with faculty, staff, and students on campus, and via social media contact.  Classification status is determined within 6 months of graduation.