Internship Data

Internships Reported by 2018-2022 Graduates*

Total Number of Internships Reported 1523
Total Majors Reporting Internships 43/49 = 87.76%


Number of Unique Cities 245
Number of Unique States 42
Number of Unique Countries 23
Number of Internships Outside of the USA 21
Reported Paid/Stipend 835
Reported Unpaid 511

Academic Credit 193
No Credit 409



“I learned how to provide patient care and became comfortable in the clinical setting. I established a foundation for my critical thinking skills and patient interaction. I learned how to perform a wide range of tasks and procedures, as well as work with my collaborative care team to provide safe and quality care.”
“I learned a lot about the professional programming environment as well as many different skills that will be valuable moving forward. Some of these skills include new languages, new software, time management skills, and communication skills.”
“I learned a lot about how industry work differs from school. It taught me a lot about how to ask questions and approach problems in a way where it’s not a bunch of textbook questions but things I have to learn and teach myself.”
“I further improved my web development skills, and learned about languages, libraries, frameworks, and packages such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Webpacker, Babel, Jenkins, and Chef. Furthermore, I gained experience working with SQL and XML. In particular, I learned the process of building a web application from the ground up.”
“I learned a lot about how accounting functions in a real-world company. I was able to build communication and problem-solving skills while working on meaningful projects.”

*Internships reported were collected from graduating seniors during the Graduation Fair.