Practice Services


Below is a list of all of our services that we currently offer at the Career Center!
Students can easily schedule appointments using #HireTruman.

Student and Alumni Services

Resume, Cover Letter, and CV Critiques

Visit #HireTruman to access our resume Critiques.

We can help you get prepared for any interview that you have coming up!

We can help you get your 30-second commercial prepared for any networking event that you may have coming up! Practice your pitch, tone, and smile with us!

Link to #Hire Truman
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MBTI, Clifton Strengths, Career Aptitude tests

We can print your resumes on professional, heavy-duty, paper styles.

Every semester we host professional photo events

Each semester we offer a variety of services and host a plethora of Employers and Grad Schools in order to help students practice networking and meet people in their potential job field.

Interview coming up, but need a strong wi-fi connection, and professional atmosphere? We can help! Contact us to reserve an interview suite that has strong wi-fi and a full-size TV screen (change text)

Resource links: See Kara Jo

Faculty Services


Request presentations from our CC Staff.

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Link here for Res Life Curriculum

Employer Services

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Going Global

Speak with Joshna and Rihana.